Je ne suis pas sûr, mais je crois que tu as raté quelques espaces… Il faut remplir les fiches avec soin, tu sais.

I’m not sure, but I think you missed a few blanks. You have to fill out forms carefully, you know.



ProcrastinateNothing like a fuzzy digital drawing to try bringing the blog back.

It’s appropriate because I have been procrastinating, of course. I got distracted by other interests and let myself justify putting off working  on this project. I’m going to hold myself to a minimum of one post per week here, and start trying to build up a library of drawings again so that I have fall-backs in case I get into a slump like this again. So, first post of 2013 for my “dalek a day” project is right here! I’ll be back by next week.

I’m looking to start doing these digitally because I now a new piece of hardware – a Microsoft Surface Pro. I’m in love with it already, and I’m excited to have a new computer with tools that can help me explore new ways of making art.


Update – why I was behind

Sorry I’ve been away suddenly – I’ve had a lot on my plate between NaNo, school, and just various things going on in my personal life. It’s been a difficult semester.

I was able to do a few drawings over the last couple of weeks, I just haven’t had the time or presence of mind to share them until now. None of them are French – I usually am able to easily come up with something in French, but for some reason wasn’t able to. I probably just didn’t push myself enough.

Anyway – I’ll be posting when I can over the next few weeks leading up to the new year. My sister’s wedding is next weekend, basketball season started at my school, and I’m preparing both final exams and study sheets for my students right now, so I’m not going to have much free time for the next two weeks. I’ll post if I can – I’m not even sure I’ll be able to do the drawings, but I will try. Thanks for sticking with me!


No, I’m not really sure what’s wrong with me. Yes, that dalek is supposed to be Thor.

I’m going to choose the “I’m tired” excuse and not the “I’m crazy” excuse for this one.


Excavate, or Indiana Thor and the Victory of the Daleks

I had intended to post this the weekend that the Avengers was released, but it never happened due to all the excitement happening then.

All the way back in the summer of 2011, a friend of mine I was working with at the time had recently acquired his own personal Mjolnir in celebration of the movie Thor’s being released (and, well, because he’s a nerd). This was the summer when I was working through my certification program and had just begun to draw these comics. I came up with the following in class, most likely after said friend had  received a fedora and fake bullwhip for his birthday.

I showed him, as I knew he was a fan of Doctor Who and he loved it. I decided to attempt  to re-draw it more  nicely (see last picture) and, well, sorry, Will, I think I got to keep the better picture!

He came up with his own cosplay theory – he was Indiana Jones and he had found the hammer of Thor.  Being worthy, he was able to use the hammer and thusly became Indiana Thor. My twist was to include the idea that the Daleks from “The Victory of the Daleks” had arrived in time to try stealing the hammer back from Indy. Unfortunately for the Daleks, Mjolnir does not fall for bad costumes.

Original drawing

Will enjoying his recently received hat and whip

The one I gave to Will
(I still contend the first one is nicer, sorry, man)